Il y a plusieurs nominés, dont « Campaign for Creativity » (voir aussi la page FFII) qui donnait l'impression que c'était une organisation d'artistes, musiciens, développeurs de logiciels etc alors que c'était une campagne, orchestrée par Campbell Gentry un cabinet en affaires publiques (en lobbying) (supportée par Microsoft et SAP notamment), en faveur de la brevetabilité des logiciels.

Voir le site : 'Worst EU Lobbying Award' 2005 -

Le communiqué de presse original (pas trouvé en français) :

PRESS RELEASE 23 November 2005
Worst EU  Lobbying Award' - Voting Starts Today
Four watchdog groups and NGOs concerned about corporate lobbying in
Brussels invite citizens to vote online for the worst case of EU lobbying
in 2005.
The online awards are organised by Corporate Europe Observatory in
association with Friends of the Earth Europe,  LobbyControl and Spinwatch.
Owen Espley of Corporate Europe Observatory said "The `Worst EU Lobbying'
awards are about engaging people in a humorous way on a pressing European
issue. We hope that people who look at the lobby awards website will be
amused, and then take action to demand the EU clean up its act on
corporate lobbying."
Ulrich Mueller of Lobbycontrol said "Each of the nominated cases raises
serious questions over the role of big business lobbying in Brussels and
demonstrates the urgent need for mandatory lobbying transparency." 
The ten nominees are presented on They
include amongst others: CEFIC for fighting new EU chemicals regulation,
the Campaign for Creativity for being a textbook bogus NGO defending the
interests of corporations like Microsoft, ExxonMobil for funding
think-tanks denying the need for EU action against climate change, and the
European Patients' Forum for being funded by pharmaceutical companies
while enjoying privileged access to EU fora.
The winner of the award chosen by the public will be announced on December
Notes to Editors
1) The awards and process for online voting can be found at
2) For more information, please contact: Owen Espley, Corporate Europe
Observatory: tel:  +31-20- 6127023, Mob: +32647576743 email: 
or Ulrich Mueller, LobbyControl: Tel: +49-1703110089, Mob: +49-1221699607